Adding or changing the background color

You can change or add a background color to your template. Right click on the background and select either "Edit BG color" or "Add BG Color". A color swatch will appear at the top left of the design window, if you click that a color palette will appear on the right and you can select a color.

Setting an image as the background

Backgrounds are set on a per page basis. Select the page of your template that you'd like to set the background for first. If you need to upload your background image please follow the instructions for uploading your own images here

Once the image is loaded onto your template right click and select "Set as background". To remove right click and select "Delete BG"

Matching a Background Color

The easiest way to match a color is using the Hex value in the color palette. Copy the hex value from the background you want and paste it into the hex box on the target background.

That's it!